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On Thursday 9th December we will be making some changes to Halifax Intermediaries Online which will affect when you can amend the customer’s personal details that have been keyed.

Once a Decision in Principle (DIP) is submitted the following fields under 'Personal Details' will be 'read only' and cannot be amended. This also applies when you reach DIP stage when keying a full application:

  • Title
  • Forename
  • Middle name
  • 2nd Middle name
  • Surname
  • Date of birth.

You can still amend all other details and submit to re-run a DIP decision e.g. other personal details such as address, loan amount / purchase price / term, incomes, credit commitments etc. However the above personal details fields cannot be amended to re-run the DIP decision or changed when converting to a full application.

If the personal details had not been keyed correctly:

  • A new DIP will need to be keyed from the start with the correct details. A DIP with incorrect/incomplete details in any of these fields should not be converted to a full application but a new application keyed from the start OR
  • On a joint application in the Applicant Summary table at the bottom of the Personal Details screen you can 'Delete' the incorrect applicant and then click the 'Add Another Applicant' button to rekey the applicant with the full / correct personal details.

At the top of the 'Personal Details' screen new text will remind you of the personal details fields that will not be amendable after a DIP has been submitted. It is important that these fields are completed correctly to avoid the additional work of keying DIPs again. Our Broker Support Team are not able to view applications until a full application has been submitted, therefore are not able to change any details on applications at DIP stage.

If a full application has already been submitted and you become aware that an amendment is needed to any of the read only personal details fields you should complete a Contact Form (PDF, 35KB) and upload this for our Broker Support Team to make the required changes. (The form can be found on our website Literature page and we will be adding a new Personal Details section, but until then you should record the details to be amended in the final section 6 of the form).

The Contact Form cannot be used to change any details on a DIP. For changes required after full application submission, or offer, where you are unable to make those changes online, please use the Contact Form.

We recently communicated changes to the Applicant Summary table within the 'Personal Details' screen to make it clearer how to change the order of the applicants or add/remove an applicant and those details can be found here.

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