For the use of mortgage intermediaries & other professionals only

Important update on mortgage support

HM Treasury has announced support measures for mortgage holders, it’s expected that these measures will be finalised and made available in the coming weeks.

We understand that your clients may be looking to you to understand what this means for them. We are currently reviewing the measures and are working with UK Finance to ensure that we can provide you with all the information you need to support your clients.

We already allow customers to secure fixed rates six months before the end of their deal and have a range of options available including term extensions.

If your client has a fixed rate product due to expire in the next six months, you can continue to follow the product transfer process, which is open to you six months before the client’s product comes to an end.

For clients who are worried, we encourage them to make contact, the earlier we know the more ways we can help. Contacting us won’t impact on their credit score. 

For customers already struggling with monthly payments or in arrears, we have a range of support options available, including repayment plans. We also have information and a number of tools to provide guidance and assistance for mortgage holders on our existing customer website