For the use of mortgage intermediaries & other professionals only

Remortgage valuations

When our surveying partners e.surv require additional information to complete a valuation on a remortgage application they may use a new service called Remote Valuation Assist to ask the customer for further detail on their property.

If e.surv do not have adequate information from their usual desktop tools / resources to complete a remote valuation the customer may receive a text message with a link from e.surv. This will ask them to confirm a few basic details of their property (number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc.) and then to take photos of their property (front, rear, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom) and submit these to e.surv.

If e.surv already have adequate information available to complete a remote valuation they will not contact the customer and e.surv will decide when they use the new service depending on property type etc. If they are still unable to complete a remote valuation with the additional detail provided, or the customer does not provide the information / photos requested within 48 hours, they will arrange an internal inspection of the property at no cost to the customer.

Please make all remortgage customers aware they may receive a text message from e.surv as part of the valuation process and ensure a correct mobile number for the customer(s) is collected on the application. This process will allow e.surv to complete more valuations by remote valuation thereby increasing the speed of the remortgage process for customers.

Instructions and support on how to use the link will be provided to the customer on the text message received from e.surv together with confirmation of how the data will be used.

Please see our guide to Remote Valuation Assist with some common FAQs.

There is no change that on remortgage applications an assessment of the property value is made for lender purposes only. We may ask a surveyor to carry out an internal inspection, external appraisal of the property, remote valuation or we may use an automated valuation (AVM). There is no charge to the customer for the property assessment on a remortgage and there is not the option to choose the method of assessment used.