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Halifax Intermediaries website update

We have given our Halifax Intermediaries website a new modern appearance and feel that will make it easier for you to navigate and find all the information you need.

You’ll still be able to find all our usual key features, like the affordability calculator or product search. Any bookmarks or favourites you have saved in the past will still work by taking you to the improved version of that page. 

We have improved our Criteria page by adding clearer headings and topics to make content easier to find. The new A-Z of criteria lets you quickly find the topic you’re looking for. You’ll find the criteria ‘Search’ on the right hand side of the page.

The improved ‘Search’ lets you find all our Criteria but also links through to any related sections of the website. There is also a Top 10 FAQs section which is regularly updated.

On the Tools and calculators page you’ll also find updated versions of some of our other tools:

There are no changes to the Halifax Intermediaries Online application system. You can access by clicking ‘Sign in’ at the top of the website.

These changes to our website are a first step and we’ll continue to make improvements in the future.