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Home Energy Saving Tool

Halifax has teamed up with the Energy Saving Trust to help you to find out how green your clients home is and shows you how a few changes could make their home more friendly to the environment.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Create a personalised action plan
  • Ways to save money on bills
  • Improve the energy efficiency rating of their property

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£250 cashback for energy efficient homes

Customers purchasing or remortgaging a main residence with an A or B EPC rating could be eligible for a product with £250 cashback.

  • Products will start with the letter “G” and should be visible on your sourcing systems
  • Proof of EPC rating should be retained on file
  • New Builds will accept a Predicted Energy Assessment (PEA) or a Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)
  • Cashback will be paid upon completion to the conveyancer.


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Educational videos and guides

Broker training module

Understanding energy efficiency and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

Complete our self-led training module to improve your understanding on energy efficiency and Energy Performance Certificates.

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Spearheading change in the New Build

Find out what is being done in the New Build space to work towards government target.

Widening Accessibility

How we can work together as an industry to drive conversations with customers.

Working holistically for solutions

How can we work better at offering propositions that can support our mutual customers.

Thinking ahead

What we need to think about, including climate & flood risk and coastal erosion.


What's our approach to sustainability in 2023?

Amanda Bryden (Head of Halifax Intermediaries) and Richard Merrett (Simplybiz/Mortgage Climate Action Group) discuss why Sustainability matters for our industry and how we are working together to drive sustainability education and awareness.

Who are Energy Saving Trust?

Energy Saving Trust is an independent organisation which aims to help UK homes and businesses to save energy and help slow climate change.

It works with governments to deliver energy programmes and helps millions of householders every year to make better energy choices. It also supports businesses with research and strategies to help enable everyone to play their part in building a sustainable future.

You can view the 2022 UK greenhouse gas emissions and provisional figures in the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, National Statistics document (PDF, 627KB).



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How tech underpins the green housing revolution

This article explains how technology will assist us in moving to a sustainable housing market.


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Guides to support your customers

Grants and schemes

If your customer is looking to make green improvements to their home, the government may be able to help.  We’ve put together a list of government grants and schemes.

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Is your customer ready to switch to solar?

We’ve teamed up with Effective Home – a leading supplier of solar panels and batteries – to help your customer get solar in their home.

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Crunch the numbers with your client on green home improvements

Helping you to bring energy efficiency into your clients conversations and support them in practical ways.

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Improve the energy efficiency of your clients homes for free or at a discount

Support on how to get free or discounted funding through government or energy suppliers, across the UK.

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Help your client save money on their heating

Tips on how to help customers save money on their energy bills.

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How your client could get help with their energy bills this winter

Information on government and supplier schemes to help support customers struggling with their energy bills.

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Sustainability news

Stay up-to-date with the latest news regarding sustainability in the housing market and intermediary space.

03 April 2023 | Update on the collection of Energy Performance Certificate ratings

20 February 2023 | Greener home cashback products & Energy Performance Certificate ratings

Greener mortgages - Cashback products for energy-efficient homes

Earn £250 cashback for having an energy efficient home


  • Customers purchasing or remortgaging a residential property with an A or B Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating could be eligible for a product with a £250 cashback.

    These products are available for the purchase or remortgage of a main residence only, second home loans and self build scheme properties are not eligible.

    Green products will be labelled 'Green AB EPC' on sourcing systems and when submitting an application care must be taken to select the correct cashback product code which will start with ‘G’.

    We will validate the EPC as part of the application process. Proof of the EPC must be retained on your file but only needs to be uploaded with the application if requested. New Build properties may not have an initial EPC rating, in this instance customers should obtain a Predicted Energy Assessment (PEA) or a Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) from the builder and this is acceptable. If an EPC certificate has expired or a rating is not available for a particular property, then these products cannot be selected.

    The EPC rating of a property can be checked online via find an energy certificate, or for Scottish properties via the Scottish EPC Register.

    The cashback will be paid upon mortgage completion via the conveyancer. This offer can be withdrawn at any time.

    Please see our Criteria section for further information on EPCs and our product guide (PDF, 905KB) for full product details.