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Self Build

We are no longer accepting new applications for Self Build mortgages. The below information is provided to assist you with any existing applications.

Guiding your clients through self build

  • Maximum loan to value – 75% of the final valuation and the loan must not exceed the total cost of buying the land and cost of build works.
  • Funds may be released at the end of the following 5 stages:
  • Land Purchase
  • Footings and Foundations Stage
  • Construction of the walls (Wall Plate Level)
  • Roofed In
  • Internal/Final Completion

  • The initial release can be up to a maximum of 75% of the current value. Where funds are being released for land purchase it must also not exceed 75% of the price of the land paid by the applicant. Where all the land has been gifted the first instalment will not be released until footings and foundations stage has been reached. When the construction reaches the appropriate stages, further releases up to a maximum of 75% of the current value at each stage less the amount we have already released can be considered. However, for the penultimate stage release a minimum of 10% of the total loan will be retained, as a final release, until the property is complete and we are in satisfactory receipt of the final completion certificate.
  • Stage releases are subject to a satisfactory re-inspection by our valuer and provision of the appropriate Architects certificate/Building Indemnity cover for that stage.

Self build

Providing support through the self build process.

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