For the use of mortgage intermediaries & other professionals only

Product transfers

Your clients can transfer their current Halifax mortgage to a new Halifax mortgage product, before or after their current mortgage deal ends.

Benefits for you:

  • A choice of products for your clients - please check your client's mortgage in Mortgage Enquiry and view the Product Finder
  • Review opportunity - review your clients' finances including their general insurance
  • Case tracking - access to regular email updates from our team on the progress of your case
  • No conveyancing - product transfers are quicker than a remortgage
  • Earlier client contact - request a product transfer when your client’s current mortgage product still has up to 6 months to run.
  • Earn a procuration fee.

Benefits for your clients

  • Product options - a choice of tailored mortgage offers based on a number of factors including a client’s current credit profile, usage of their accounts and in some cases, the energy efficiency of their property.
  • No up front fees - no legal fees to pay when switching to a new product
  • Secure a new product earlier - secure a rate 6 months before your client's existing deal ends; the new product will start after the current product has ended. If applying within the last 3 months of the existing product you can choose to start the new product from the 1st of the following month and we will waive any Early Repayment Charge OR to forward date the new product to start after the current product has ended.


Product fee applies. Please see product information.