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In 2013, the Government launched Help to Buy, a scheme aimed at increasing access to low deposit mortgages for credit worthy clients.

At Halifax, we are committed to ensuring you are able to help more of your clients buy their home so we were the first Intermediary lender to support the Governments Help to Buy and offer mortgages on the schemes that they introduced.

What are the schemes?

Please contact your Business Development Manager if you have any queries about Halifax and the Help to Buy schemes.

Help to Buy: equity loan scheme

This scheme helps clients buy a new build property and is open to first time buyers in the UK. Your client requires a deposit* of at least 5%. In England and Wales the Government then loans your client up to 40% of the value of the property in Greater London, or up to 20% of the value of the property outside of Greater London. In Scotland the Government lends up to 15% of the value of the property.

The Government loan is interest free for the first 5 years of the cost of the new build home. After 5 years your client will have to pay the interest on the Equity Loan (except in Scotland). A local Help to Buy agent arranges the Equity Loan directly with your client.

The Help to Buy: equity loan scheme has the following scheme rules:

  • All applicants must be first time buyers
  • Available on new-build properties only
  • Maximum LTV is 85% in England, Wales and Scotland (with minimum 10% equity loan and 5% customer deposit)
  • Maximum property value varies by region. Please refer to the Government’s scheme rules
  • Halifax Intermediaries currently lend a maximum loan amount of £500,000
  • Clients must be purchasing for their own occupation
  • Applicants must not own any other property at the time of purchasing
  • Part exchange is not permissible under this scheme
  • Repayment only

* In some cases, evidence will be required to ensure that the deposit is from an acceptable source. For further details see the Mortgage lending criteria

For more information you can visit the Help to Buy scheme website

Help to Buy: ISA

This scheme was launched on 1 December 2015 and helps first time buyers save for their mortgage deposit. The Government will provide a 25% bonus on the amount saved in the Help to Buy: ISA provided certain criteria are met. Full details are available from UKAR who administer the scheme, and some of the eligibility rules which affect mortgage clients are:

  • Client must be a first time buyer, and have never had any interest in a property within the UK or abroad.
  • The client will occupy the property as their only main residence, although some exceptions exist for Armed Forces.
  • Maximum property purchase price is £250,000 outside of Greater London, or £450,000 in Greater London.
  • All of the ISA bonus (min £400 and max £3,000) must be provided to the Conveyancer towards the deposit.
  • The HTB ISA is limited to one per person rather than one per home, so clients buying a home together will both benefit from the bonus if they both hold a Help to Buy ISA.
  • The ISA provider must give the client their ISA closing certificate within 7 business days of closure. The Conveyancer needs this to request the Government bonus from UKAR. The Conveyancer must be registered with UKAR to act for the client and obtain the ISA bonus. If the Conveyancer is not registered then UKAR will not provide the bonus to them. They must also complete a declaration for UKAR that the client is eligible to receive the bonus.

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For independent information on mortgages, visit the website 'Money Advice Service'.

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