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This page contains answers to some commonly asked questions about our products and services

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General questions

Q1 Where do I go to access Mortgage Illustrations and offer documents for cases?

Product transfer and further advance documents can be accessed in the 'Document Store' in the same way you access your main mortgage application documents.

Go to Intermediaries Online; Under my applications, the product transfer or further advance will be listed, click on roll number to view a list of all documents.

Q2 What happens once I've reviewed the mortgage account information within Mortgage Enquiry?

Once you’ve reviewed the customer’s mortgage account information you will have the option to begin a product transfer application. Simply select ‘Create Product Transfer’ to begin.

Q3 Will my customer receive a copy of the Mortgage Illustration?

Yes, in addition to the Mortgage Illustration and declaration being produced for you to access on our online system as detailed above, your customer will receive a copy in the post.

The customer copy is produced for information only and there is no need for the customer to take any action when they receive this document. You should continue to provide your customer with the documentation as normal.

Q4 Why is there a discrepancy with my customer’s Direct Debit at the end of the month?

The product transfer or further advance is accepted when we receive the customers signed declaration. Occasionally this may happen close to due date for the next payment. In this case the direct debit may already have been requested and because it is not possible to amend this payment, an incorrect payment will be collected. Where this happens, you will receive an email letting you know what has happened and letting you know the steps your customer can take to ensure that the payment is corrected.

Product Transfers

Q1 An application for a product transfer was submitted but was not offered immediately or the customer did not accept it. The original date of effect has now passed. Can the local service centre amend the date of effect?

No, As the date has passed, you should submit a new product transfer Mortgage Illustration request and choose a new date of effect.

Q2 How will I know that the product transfer has been offered or completed?

For simple product transfer applications on repayment mortgages, where no contract changes are required, you will be able to produce a mortgage illustration instantly using Halifax Intermediaries Online. If the client is happy to proceed, an on-screen declaration will allow you to offer and complete the application in one straight-through online transaction.

For interest only mortgages, or where the client wishes to make a change to their mortgage contract in addition to the product transfer, such as a change to the term, an element of review by our Refinance Team will be required.

These applications cannot be completed in one straight-through process, however a mortgage illustration will be produced by the Refinance Team and made available online.

You must accept the Illustration to complete the application - you can do this in by:

Following completion of the product transfer, the offer can be accessed via the Halifax Intermediaries Online Document Store.

Q3 When will the procuration fee be paid and how will I know what amount I am being paid for each application?

The same procedures and timescales as mortgage applications are applicable. Statements will detail the fees and transactions for each application type.

Q4 What are the submission dates for product transfers?

Product transfers can be submitted at any time in the month. The earliest a product transfer can take effect is the 1st of the following month.

Please note, if we request any supporting documents, such as evidence of income or interest only repayment plans, please submit these to us with sufficient time to allow us to verify the documents and complete the product transfer before the month ends.

If documents are received very late in the month, this could jeopardise our ability to complete the application for the 1st of the following month.

Q5 Does my customer need to complete a new product transfer declaration?

If the product transfer has been completed online no further declarations are required from you or your client.

If you have placed your application over the telephone or your application has been submitted into our Refinance Team, following receipt of the product transfer illustration, you will need to provide either verbal confirmation your client wishes to complete or the Product Transfer Declaration Form, held in the Mortgage Literature section of our intermediary website can be submitted into us via our Document Upload Service.

A Customer Declaration form can be found in the Document Store once a Mortgage Illustration has been produced, however this is for your records, we do not required this document to be signed and returned to us by your or your client.

Q6 What if there is an Early Repayment Charge?

Any Early Repayment Charge which may apply on your client’s current mortgage product will be waived if the product has 3 months or less to run.

The ERC will apply where the product has more than three months to run.

Q7 What happens if my customer does not agree with the indexed valuation?

We will use the Halifax indexed valuation to calculate loan to valuation for your customer. To find out what the indexed valuation is, you should complete step one of the product transfer process.

If your customer does not agree with the indexed valuation, we will arrange for an external valuation to be done. You should indicate that you need an external valuation to be carried out by completing the appropriate section of the Mortgage Illustration request form.

Once we have received the external valuation, we will let you know so that you can tell us what product the customer wishes to proceed on.

It should be noted that once the new external appraisal has been completed, this is the figure that will be used to assess loan to valuation. This applies even where the external valuation is lower than the original indexed valuation.

Further advances

Q1 How does my customer draw down the further advance funds?

When your customer is ready to receive their funds, they should call the Halifax Refinance team on 0345 600 0712 and select option 3.

Q2 Is it possible to have part interest only and part repayment for a further advance, if the account is FCA regulated?

There are two examples:

  1. If the existing mortgage is part interest only and part repayment, then the further advance can only be on a repayment basis.
  2. If the existing mortgage is interest only, then this is the only time a further advance can be taken out on an interest only or part interest only and part repayment basis.

Please note any new interest only lending must meet the current lending criteria.

Q3 How will I know that the further advance has been offered or completed?

You'll receive an e-mail advising you that the 'status' has changed on the application and can be viewed in case tracking.

Q4 When will the procuration fee be paid and how will I know what amount I am being paid for each application?

The same procedures and timescales as mortgage applications are applicable. Statements will detail the fees and transactions for each application type.

Q5 What interest rate is charged on the initial interest that is due following completion of a further advance?

For a further advance the new product doesn’t take effect until the 1st of the month following completion. The lender variable rate applies until that time.

Further advance & Product Transfer

Q1 What happens if my customer wants to take a product transfer and a further advance?

Your customer can now apply for a standalone product transfer, further advance or a combined application. Your customer will need to select a rate from the relevant product range.

Q2 When taking a product transfer and a further advance, will my customer have to pay two separate product fees?

No, only one product fee is payable on a combined application.

Our tracker rate mortgages are linked to Bank of England bank rate (also known as Bank of England repo rate). Details of this rate can be found on the Bank of England website at

For independent information on mortgages, visit the website 'Money Advice Service'.

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