For the use of mortgage intermediaries & other professionals only

Application actions and exclusions

Some action may be needed by you or your client before an application can proceed.

These instances are:

  • Retention present
  • Early repayment charges to be repaid
  • Payment arrangement exists.

If you submit a case which matches any of these circumstances, we’ll email you to let you know what action needs to be taken.

There are some instances where we won't be able to proceed with a further advance or product transfer:

  • Retirement home plan
  • Mortgage not completed
  • Existing further advance in progress
  • Marital dispute indicator recorded
  • Transfer of mortgage property is in progress
  • Property is in possession
  • Consent to lease in place - only applies to product transfers
  • Mortgage account is closed
  • The mortgage has been open for less than 6 months – further advance only.