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Crunch the numbers with your client on green home improvements

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How your client could get help with their energy bills this winter

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Ways your clients can improve the energy efficiency of their homes for free or at a discount

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Ways your clients can save money on their heating

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Five tech predictions for the next five years

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How to choose a software provider

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How tech underpins the green housing revolution

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Why Tech alone wont transform the market

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Intermediary videos

The hype curve of technology

Amanda Bryden – Mortgage Solutions interview

  • Chapter 1 - Amanda talks about how she joined the industry.
  • Chapter 2 - Amanda on her first few months at LBG, and what her priorities are.
  • Chapter 3 - Amanda discusses sustainability in the housing market.
  • Chapter 4 - Amanda shares some of the biggest changes within the industry.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Achieving sustainability in housing

Spearheading change in new build


Widening accessibility


Working holistically for solutions


Thinking ahead