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1. Review details of your clients existing mortgage.

You can find details of your clients existing mortgage information by signing into Halifax Intermediaries Online and selecting the Mortgage Enquiry option on the left hand menu of the homepage.

Where your client is within the last 3 months of an existing product you can choose to start a new product:

  • From the 1st of the following month and we will waive any Early Repayment Charge


  • Forward date the new product to start after the current product has ended.

2. Produce a Mortgage Illustration

To produce a product transfer mortgage illustration, sign in to Halifax Intermediaries Online and select ‘Mortgage Enquiry’ or ‘Create Product Transfer’ – both options will initially navigate to Mortgage Enquiry. Once you have reviewed your clients mortgage information you will be able to begin the product transfer process.

Answer the Fact Find questions which will determine the process required. Please see our Product Transfers Keying & Process Guide which shows for different scenarios how the Fact Find questions should be answered and the resulting process to follow.

Instant illustration and online completion:

  • For simple product transfer applications on repayment mortgages, where no contract changes are required, you will be able to select a new product, generate a quote and produce a mortgage illustration instantly
  • If the client is happy to proceed, an on-screen declaration will allow you to offer and complete the application in one straight-through online transaction. No documents are required and there is no need to call us.

Customer budget assessment or full affordability required:

  • For interest only mortgages, or where the client wishes to make a change to their mortgage contract in addition to the product transfer, such as a change to the term, an element of review by our Refinance Team will be required
  • These applications cannot be completed in one straight-through process, however a mortgage illustration will be produced by the Refinance Team and made available online
  • In order to obtain an illustration please continue to key the product transfer online and this will automatically submit an instruction to the Refinance Team who will create the illustration. There is no requirement for you to contact the Refinance Team to progress the product transfer
  • You must accept the illustration to complete the application - you can do this by completing the Broker Declaration form available in the Mortgage Literature section of our website. When you have completed the declaration, please upload online.

3. Documentation and Case updates

You should upload any requested documents to support the application.

You will be notified by email of application updates and issued offers that will be available for you to view online. Please see our Product Transfers Keying & Process Guide which covers some common scenarios and questions.

When a future date of effect is chosen

Rather than completion of the product transfer taking place immediately after the offer has been issued, the application will remain at offer produced until it completes in the month before the date of effect. There is no need to contact us again after the offer has been issued as completion will take place automatically. A confirmation email will be issued after completion and the completion letter will be sent to the customer including details of their new monthly payments.

The illustration and offer produced on a forward dated PT are based upon the mortgage balance in the month submitted. The procuration fee quoted in the offer will also be based on that balance. Please note that the actual fee which will be paid is based on the mortgage balance at the date of effect. If the mortgage balance has reduced between the mortgage offer and the start of the PT e.g. on a capital and interest repayment mortgage, the procuration fee paid may differ to the amount stated on the offer document.

4 . Cancellation

If your client no longer wishes to proceed with a product transfer this can be cancelled within 28 days of them receiving their product transfer completion letter. On the My Applications page click the 'Cancel' button. This button only shows while a product transfer is offered and not completed so will not show where a product transfer is keyed to take effect from the 1st of the following month or where a future date of effect was chosen but now within the last month of their existing product. To then cancel please call our product transfer team on 0345 901 3161 to request the cancellation. If the new product has taken effect the product transfer can only be cancelled by the customer calling Halifax directly on 0345 727 3747 within the 28 day cancellation period to ask for a 'product reversion'.

Our tracker rate mortgages are linked to Bank of England bank rate (also known as Bank of England repo rate). Details of this rate can be found on the Bank of England website at

For independent information on mortgages, visit the website 'Money Advice Service'.

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