For the use of mortgage intermediaries & other professionals only

Request a Product Transfer cancellation

For the use of intermediaries & other professionals only

Only use this form when the application status (as shown on the ‘My Applications’ page) is ‘Completed’ and the ‘Cancel’ button is not available.

You should know

  • A Product Transfer can only be cancelled within 28 days of the date shown on the customer’s completion letter.
  • You must have consent from all parties to the mortgage to submit the request.
  • We will write to the customer(s) to advise the Product Transfer is cancelled.
  • You cannot key a new Product Transfer application until you have received confirmation of the cancellation.
  • The status of the Product Transfer on the My Applications page will not change from ‘Completed’ when cancelled. If a new Product Transfer is submitted the status will update accordingly.
Please provide any customers last name from the mortgage.
As it appears on the mortgage.
e.g. 10/52345678-9 is keyed as 10523456780900 with a zero added before the number after the dash if this is a single digit and two zeros.
Confirmation of the cancellation will be sent to this address within 24 hours of the submission of this form.