For the use of mortgage intermediaries & other professionals only

Product transfer application improvements

Following your feedback, we are making it easier for you to manage product transfer applications.

We’re adding ‘save and resume’ functionality, so that you can retrieve an illustration keyed on the same day and proceed without needing to cancel and rekey from the start.

We’ve simplified and improved the look of the following screens to make the process easier for you:

  • Sub accounts to transfer
  • Product selection
  • Review the quote /customer confirmation
  • Application decision.

You’ll notice the changes on eligible applications once you pass the Fact Find screen. There are no changes for some PT applications which require budget or full affordability assessment by our support team.

To use the ‘save and resume’ functionality you must resume the application the same day the illustration is produced, and when exiting the application the following message will indicate if the application can be resumed - ‘If you leave now, you can resume and submit the application later’.

Also, we recently updated how your PT applications show on your Halifax Intermediaries Online - My Applications page. The individual ‘tiles’ will show a simpler status so it is clear when the PT is due to start. When at ‘Full offer produced’ or ‘Completed’ status, the ‘Effective date of transfer’ will show when the product transfer will automatically take effect.