General Data Protection Regulation changes from Monday 30th April 2018

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From Monday 30th April, the Privacy Notice, which explains how we use your personal information, will be updated to ensure the content is compliant with the GDPR.

This will include a clearer statement about our contact with you and how we notify you about our products and services. We will send you servicing communications which you might need when considering our products for your clients, for example when our rates or lending policy changes. You can find our updated full privacy notice at

Under GDPR legislation we can no longer rely on any marketing opt-in or opt-out consents intermediaries previously provided. Therefore, as we’ll only be sending servicing communications to intermediaries, we’ll not be asking you to reinstate or update old marketing preferences.

We have also reviewed the Website and Introducer Terms and Conditions on our intermediary website which you agreed to when you registered with us. These will be updated to ensure the content continues to be compliant and aligns to the relationship we have with you. The key change is the removal of section 6 – ‘Data Use’ as this will now be covered in the updated Privacy Notice.

Please ensure you read the changes to the Privacy Notice and Website and Introducer Terms and Conditions.

Online client applications

From Monday 30th April, the helpful reminder to provide a copy of the Halifax Customer Confirmation document to your clients, the on-screen prompt, which is presented to you within our online system when beginning a new application, will be enhanced to ensure the prompt appears for all application types including Standalone Illustration, DIP, Full Application, Product Transfer and Further Advance.

The Customer Confirmation document, which contains the Privacy Notice, can be downloaded from our intermediary website. It’s your responsibility to ensure you provide your clients with a copy of the document at the start of the sales process and the client’s responsibility to share a copy with any absent parties.

For more information, please see our GDPR Key Changes Guide, Alternatively, please talk to your Business Development Manager.

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