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Find out all about our lending criteria for self build clients

Additional borrowing

Additional Borrowing will not be considered until the property has been fully completed and all stage monies released.

Additional borrowing applications will not be permitted within 6 months of completion of the original mortgage.

Additional documentation required

  • Schedule and cost of works
  • Approved Plans and Planning Permission must be provided to the valuer for review on or prior to inspection of the plot/property. Planning Permission must be dated not more than one year prior to the date of application.

Additional self build criteria

Customers can only have one pending Self Build application with Lloyds Banking Group.

Product transfers, term and repayment type changes and Transfer of Mortgaged Property changes will not be allowed until the property build is complete.

Customers can apply for a Self Build mortgage on Interest Only where a suitable repayment vehicle is in place.

Existing Halifax customers can not port their existing mortgage product on to a self build mortgage.

Additions to loans

The items that can be added on to the loan amount are higher lending charge (where payable) and product fee.

Assignable contracts

Applications which involve assignable contracts or irrevocable powers of attorney in favour of intervening sellers are not acceptable. Any other structure to the transaction which has a similar effect should be reported to us. Assignable contracts allow the original buyer to sell the property before legal completion, by assigning the contract to buy the property to a new buyer after contracts have been exchanged with the developer.

LTV/Loan size

Loan to Value – Maximum of 75% of the final value of the property and the loan must not exceed the combined costs to buy the land and build the property.

Loan Size – up to £1million (£300,000 for first time buyers)

Stage payments – The initial advance can be up to a maximum of 75% of the current value with the balance being released over no more than 4 additional stages, up to a maximum of 75% of the current value at each stage less the total amount already released. However, a minimum of 10% of the total loan will be retained, as a final release, until the property is complete and we are in satisfactory receipt of the final completion certificate.


Properties must be for residential use only. Second properties, holiday homes or properties which will be let are not acceptable.

We only accept Detached Properties.

Refurbishments and conversions will not be accepted.

At the time of the valuer’s inspection, the land should be clear of any previous dwelling. If the build has started, it must be no further than footings/foundation level.

We require that the property has the benefit of building standards indemnity insurance, e.g. a 10 year warranty from the National Building Council, (NHBC). (Other indemnities may be acceptable, please refer.) The only exception to such indemnity insurance cover is where an architect or qualified surveyor is employed by the applicant to supervise the building of the property. (Certain other qualified consultants may be acceptable – please refer)


In order to act jointly for both the customer and Halifax, or to act solely for Halifax, a solicitor must be on the Lloyds Banking Group panel of solicitors. If the loan is for a house purchase and exceeds £1 million we will require separate legal representation and will appoint our own solicitor. This provides a higher level of security for both us and our customer where we are making large mortgage advances.

There are three firms of solicitors who have been appointed to act for the Bank in these transactions and the appropriate solicitor will be appointed based on property location:

Our tracker rate mortgages are linked to Bank of England bank rate (also known as Bank of England repo rate). Details of this rate can be found on the Bank of England website at

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